Consultants fill the bit that agencies are cr@p at

But there's still a misalignment. Agencies tend to focus on the execution. They may be great at design, or coming up with a headline, but they struggle to join the dots between creativity and business. Their eyes tend to glaze over when you talk to them about strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and taking the internal customer on ‘the journey’.

So, what's the solution?

We are! Logan Brooke Comms is an agency with a simple value proposition. We get 'business'... not just how to creatively execute on a brief. Moreover, we 'get' business problems because we're entrepreneurs ourselves.  We've worked in our own start-ups, our directors are trained marketers with years of marketing management experience. And we haven't just re-aligned to meet this emerging need of marketers and businesses; this has been our approach from day one.

Logan Brooke is a strategic partner to businesses. We're not just a supplier to a marketing department. It's a better approach and we can prove it.