“Half of marketers aren't satisfied with their agency...”

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Really half, why?

The problem is a simple, yet complex one. Simple in nature, but almost impossible for most agencies to fix. See, the reason why marketers aren't satisfied with their agencies is because they just don't get 'business' let alone the subtle nuances and politics of reporting to a myriad of stakeholders. They only know how to make an advert, a logo or a promotional ops plan (at best). More often than not, what marketers crave is robust creative execution to real business problems. Even then, that's just meeting a minimum standard. What they really need is a strategic partner. The opportunity then for agencies, is to re-align themselves to meet this simple need. Ahhh... but the complexity comes into play when you see that agencies are built from the ground-up to be anything but this notion. Relentless pitching and award submissions leaves only junior teams to work on actual work.

“...and 60% of marketers are open to working with consultants.”

But there's still a misalignment. Agencies tend to focus on the execution. They may be great at design, or coming up with a headline, but they struggle to join the dots between creativity and business. Their eyes tend to glaze over when you talk to them about strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and taking the internal customer on ‘the journey’.

So, what's the solution?

We are! Logan Brooke Comms is an agency with a simple value proposition. We get 'business'... not just how to creatively execute on a brief. Moreover, we 'get' business problems because we're entrepreneurs ourselves. We've worked in our own start-ups, our directors are trained marketers with years of marketing management experience. And we haven't just re-aligned to meet this emerging need of marketers and businesses; this has been our approach from day one. Logan Brooke is a strategic partner to businesses. We're not just a supplier to a marketing department. It's a better approach and we can prove it.



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The industry sectors we work closely with are the finance, travel and not-for-profit sectors as well as direct response retail applications. We know these business’ customer sets, their pain points and relevant marketing channels.

end to end approach
to brand management

We’ll work with you at any stage of the process - no problem. That said, we take an active role in ‘owning’ what we do from start to finish. In our experience, it almost always provides a better outcome.

squarely focused on real business results

It’s all about moving the needle for your business. That’s why we’ll help set up robust checks and measure the results that matter most to you.

a proven approach;
we guarantee it

If you engage with us in a holistic way and follow our systemic approach, we know it will work. We’ll let you know up front if we can’t add value to your business. And if you’re not satisfied with our work, we’ll refund the money you spent with us.


Don't take our word for it...


What people say



"Logan Brooke are partners first and foremost, they collaborate throughout the process to ensure the end outcome meets and more often than not, exceeds expectations. They take their work very seriously and will definitely go further than most agencies I’ve worked with."

Chris Bayliss,
Executive General Manager


"Logan Brooke’s insight and intuitive thinking lends itself to a business looking for dynamic growth and forward thinking. For the past four years, James has worked alongside BNZ to help our business deliver on its strategic objectives and link more closely to our people and our customers. We have achieved both."

Harry Ferreira,
Head of Small & Medium Enterprise

Fred Hollows

"With Logan Brooke you know you are always going to be working with the best from the outset - they won’t pass you off to a freelancer or junior designer - instead, they maintain a senior level of involvement throughout the entire process, from beginning to end. They have a genuine interest in working with particular causes, not just because it’s a job". 

Kelly Hawkins,
Communications Manager


"We had our quarterly Regional FIFA two day workshop on Tues and Wed.  Your job was so well received, and also played a part in propelling the team from being strung out, overworked and disheartened to being... .f**k, this is what this hard work is all about; putting NZ on the map again! Can’t thank you guys enough for how you worked it!"

Fiona Corkin,
Executive Assistant to the CEO


Brands we've helped shape


The approach:
Audit your strategic vision, Align a purpose to the vision, Create an appetite in the organisation to make bold change, Indoctrinate Stakeholders on how to evaluate design, Prepare for over-analysis, Prepare for ignition, Develop path to market, Then we guide your business from its current situation to market leadership.



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Stakeholder Engagement

Brand Identity
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Social Media
UX Design
Mobile App & Online UI

Film & Video

Direct Marketing & External Comms
Monitoring & Reporting


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